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Branding, Logo, and Video

I used my graphic design, photography, and video editing skills to create engaging, informative, and great-looking content for ENCompass, a public health service organization at Ohio State.

Date: Jan 2016 - May 2017

Skills Used and Developed:

  • Graphic design

  • Social media

  • Video creation and editing

  • Storytelling

Creating the Logo

When I first joined ENCompass as a freshman, the group had neither a logo nor a unified visual identity. Knowing that the group wanted to increase awareness and participation, I saw an opportunity to strengthen visual communication by creating a clean and compelling logo for the group.

After some rounds of sketching potential logo designs, I settled on a fairly simple wordmark with a stylized "compass" to form the logo. After exploring different color options, I chose to move forward with colors inspired by the university's brand. I presented this to the organizational leadership and they were extremely pleased with it; they adopted it almost immediately and it remains the logo to this day. 


ENCompass is a public health service organization at Ohio State that was founded in 2012 with a mission to empower individuals by connecting them with resources that address social determinants of health.

ENCompass stands for: Empowering Neighborhoods of Columbus.

I joined ENCompass as a freshman in 2014, originally working in the IT committee to provide technical support to meet the group's needs. 

By the spring of 2016, I had created a new committee in the organization, Public Relations, and served as VP of the committee until shortly before I graduated in the spring of 2017. I oversaw the expansion of our social media presence and created a video to inform the broader community and aid in recruitment. 

encompass group photo 2016.jpg

Final logo for ENCompass with tagline

Public Relations and Video

Once I had established the Public Relations committee, I continued to build the organization's visual identity. Other projects I led as VP of the committee were the creation of t-shirts, flyers, business cards, and buttons all with a unified visual identity. 

In addition, I filmed and edited a video (see below) to help aid in new member recruitment. I also was placed in charge of ENCompass's social media accounts, through which I promoted the group's events and presented our success stories. This work allowed us to engage a wider audience and promote awareness of our mission. 

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Recruitment Video

Recruitment Video

Watch Now
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