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Company Logo Design

Logo and branding for Power Within Consulting

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Power Within Consulting was founded in 2014  with a mission to accelerate client success by delivering highly impactful, insight-driven business and innovation strategies.


I worked directly with the founder and president of Power Within on this project. She was looking for a logo and overall brand image to present a professional and modern "look" that is consistent with the services she provides. I used shadowing and interviews to form a foundation for my vision of Power Within branding.


My ideas for the brand image focused on the company's core mission: enable each client to uncover those unique, hidden insights which can lead to powerful business and organizational breakthroughs. I was also guided by the tagline for Power Within: "Insight, Strategy, Innovation."

Power Within Logo Sketches-3.jpg

Early Ideas and Input

After the initial interview with the president, I reflected on my notes and created preliminary brainstorming sketches. Once I had identified a variety of different directions, I reconnected with her to see which concepts she thought were most consistent with her objectives and what could be improved. 


Through these discussions, the following guiding principles emerged for the logo design:

  • innovative

  • powerful

  • catalyst/spark

  • creative

  • connectivity

  • insightful


I considered these principles and went through another round of sketches to refine the strongest concepts for the logo. 

Refinement and Final Design

Once I had the basic framework for the logo, I experimented with different layouts, sizes, fonts, and colors. After making sketches to approximate the final design, I worked with Adobe Illustrator to create the final logo. 


The founder confirmed she felt the final version did an excellent job capturing the spirit of her business. It delivered on her objectives of being clean, modern, and professional while also being unique. 

Power Within Logo Sketches 4.jpg
Power Within Logo Sketches 5.jpg

Results and Feedback

The logo is now a prominent part of Power Within's brand identity. It has been featured on the founder's email signature, business card, and website. 


She has reported receiving many compliments on the logo I designed for her. 

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