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Website and Video

Design Communication Project

In a class titled Design Communications and Methods, our group assignment was to create a website, brand identity, and short animated video for a fictional student organization. This organization would focus on the topic of design ethics. 

Date: Sep 2019 - Dec 2019

Team: Chris Baggott, Yifan Wu, Janice Zhou

Skills Used and Developed:

  • Web design

  • Mood boarding

  • Wireframing

  • Figma

  • Animation

  • Copywriting


Mood Boards and Initial Concepts

The initial stage of working on this project was to create a concept for a student organization centered around design ethics. Our group was called Upside and would provide workshops, lectures, and learning opportunities to design students to create conversations around the topic of ethics. 

Once we got past the very early planning stages, our team worked on an individual mood board process to test visual identities for the group, as well as the overall message and tone for the group. My mood boards are shown here, and we decided to pursue a warm, friendly palette with an approachable "feel."

Early Layouts and Refinement

Our team experimented with multiple layouts of the organization's website, using Figma for our low and medium-fidelity models. Each team member created multiple early layouts to test out ways to present information. We also curated photography, illustrations, and created copy for the website during this stage.

The website layouts evolved through multiple rounds of refinement along with peer critique. Throughout this process, we converged around a final design that conveyed the desired tone of our organization. Small samples of the site models can be seen below.

Desktop - 2.png
Upside Site Final.png

Visuals by Yifan Wu; script, storytelling and narration by Chris Baggott; motion design, editing, and sound mixing by Janice Zhou.

Final Website and Animatic

The final deliverables for this project included a one-page website concept for the organization, as well as a 60-90 second short video about a specific topic within design ethics. Our team chose to highlight the ethical issue of technology addiction, and our short animatic can be seen below. The team's final site concept for Upside can be seen to the below, split into two columns for better viewing. 

Desktop - 4.png
Desktop - 4.png
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